Inside Chiavetta’s: Discover Why Our Team Loves Being Part of the BBQ Family

At Chiavetta’s, we’re more than just BBQ We’re a cornerstone of the Western New York community, a hub where connections are made, and memories are shared. What truly sets us apart is the dedication and passion of our team members, who wholeheartedly embody our values of quality food, community, and outstanding customer service. Let’s take a […]

Unleashing Flavor: A Peek Inside Chiavetta’s BBQ Bootcamp

Do you ever wonder how we managed to serve up Buffalo’s favorite BBQ for over 70 years?  Our secret to success: Chiavetta’s BBQ Bootcamp, where we spill the beans (or should I say, the BBQ sauce?) on all the secrets our pitmasters have honed over 70 years of grilling perfection in Buffalo, NY. Picture this— […]